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Chinmaya Mission Niagara

Presents discourses by


Pujya Swami Shantananda

Mon., Apr. 15  – Sat., Apr. 20, 2013


Morning Class - Chandogya Upanishad Chapter 6

Upanishad: Chandogya 6 (Tat Tvam Asi)

All the Vedas teach a different Mahavakya or great identity revealing statement.  Chandogya Upanishad encompasses the most famous of the Mahavakya-s:  Tat Tvam Asi.  In the 6th Chapter the patient Uddalaka Muni teaches his arrogant son the glory of Self Knowledge.  This potent Knowledge transforms the arrogance to surrender and his son to a student.  Studying the same one can transform from a jiva to Brahman for THOU ART THAT!

Date:  Tue., Apr. 16 – Sat., Apr. 20
Time: 7.00a –8.00a
Venue:  Chinmaya Dhara

Evening Discourses - Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9


In the 9th chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna reveals a sovereign science, a sovereign secret.  He explains how all of existence is generated, operated and destroyed by His energy.  All beings ‘coming and going’ are under His supervision.  The Lord shares insights into devotion and service and how so few know the glory of these.  Hence the Lord Himself declares these subjects to be THE ROYAL KNOWLEDGE, THE ROYAL SECRET!

Date:  Mon., Apr. 15 – Fri., Apr. 19
Time:  7.15p - 7.30p - Bhajans
7.30p – 9.00p – Discourse
Venue:  Chinmaya Dhara